MAW Partner Receives National GMR Award

Orlando, Florida

January 11, 2011

Scott R. Sevon, partner at MAW Chicago, received the coveted NAHBR Graduate Master Remodeler (GMR) of the Year award at the International Builders Show. This is the first time this National award is being bestowed and Scott is extremely honored to be its first recipient. This is a great honor, congratulations Scott.

The NAHBR (National Association of Home Builders Remodelers) is a 15,000 member organization whose focus is to cater to the needs of its member remodelers in areas of business, education and advocacy.  NAHBR has members in all 50 states and continually monitors the needs of its members and provides many opportunities for networking.

The GMR is an advanced certification that begins by first receiving your CGR (Certified Graduate Remodeler) certification.  The CGR is designed to emphasize business and project management skills as the key to a successful remodeling operation.  It helps you run your business more efficiently by teaching job cost procedures, accounting principles and basic contract law.  Design, estimating and scheduling are also covered.  The curriculum also offers strategies and techniques for developing winning bids, sales and marketing strategies for closing sales, effective communication skills for negotiation and superior customer service and quality practice methods. After you have maintained your CGR in good standing for nine years and have been in business for 15 years, you are eligible to complete the requirements to become a GMR.

The GMR designation allows recognized CGR’s to attain further recognition for their commitment to educational excellence and longevity in the remodeling industry.  This is a new program designed to be the master level of the current CGR designation.  It allows you to take your CGR designation to the next level.  It provides you with the opportunity to take lessons in financial management techniques that help you run your business more efficiently.  It also teaches you comprehensive risk management strategies, needed skills to identify diversification opportunities and essential green building strategies.

CGR and GMR are two of many NAHB certifications, please click on any CGR or GMR highlighted text to learn more about NAHBR’s certification programs and how you can join NAHBR and get started with these great certifications.